ST-A 3.0 Single Blade Nipper


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ST-A3.0 pliers use a single-blade design that elevates the ability of a clamp to cut plastic smoothly and efficiently. The caliper is produced with specially forged steel that has been melted at high temperature, allowing the Rockwell hardness of the blade to reach a rating of 58-64. The blade of the 3.0s is carefully polished, creating a beautiful mirror-like surface that improves the smoothness of the cut and improves wearing comfort.

In the process of development, the blade has been tested to withstand more than 50,000 cuts on a 3mm plastic rod, ensuring the longevity of the blade. The gripper handle has used ergonomics in its design spirit, reducing stress on the hand and improving comfort. Improvements have been made to the rear of the caliper with the inclusion of a limiting bar and screw. This improvement effectively prevents damage to the gripper caused by excessive force or openings.


  • Single Blade Nipper
  • Nipper Protector
  • Limit Regulator
  • Cleaning Cloth

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