Sgt Frog Keropla No.36 Hakaioh Tamama And Tama Horn


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Bandai Namco


SGT Frog

Here's Hakaioh (Destruction King) Tamama and his triple-changing Pirates Machine Tama Horn! This simple snap-fit assembly kit has three items for you to build: Hakaioh Tamama, Barrel-type Saucer, and Tama Horn. Tamama's body frame comes assembled and molded on a single runner; all you need to do is cut it off the sprues and attach the head and clothing parts. Place Tamama on the Barrel-type Saucer and attach it to Tama Horn to complete Vehicle Mode or transform it into Mobile Mode. Tamama's Pirates Machine can also be combined with the other four Keroro Platoon members' machines (sold separately) to form a section of the King Kero Ship! A sheet of foil stickers is included.

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