SF-16 Irregular Glass Mirror Polishing File [Rectangle]


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The Siren nano polishing file is made from high-quality tempered glass which incorporates nano technology during the production process. It offers a superior filing experience and an unparalleled buffing ability. This filing effect is comparable to a sanding paper with 12000 grit. The file is designed with a single grain pattern that ensures smooth and uniform filing. Previously, files are unable to realize the mirror-like finish through buffing. The emergence of the DSPIAE Siren nano polishing file will give you a next generation buffing experience.

It is easily cleaned by washing. The product will never rust. The Siren comes with its own protecting case inside of the packaging.

Caution: The Siren Ultimate glass file is suitable for all types of plastic and wooden pieces. The ultimate precision file is made from tempered glass material. Please refrain from dropping the item to prevent any cracks that will render the product useless. You are recommended to store the item in the protective case after use to prevent any accidental damage. Please do not file any metal items or any materials not mentioned in the instructions. This prevents any damage to the product. If the filing experience feels sluggish and weak, please wash the file and remove any residual plastic to restore the effectiveness of the file.