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Muv-Luv Alternative


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  The next iconic robot to join the D-Style lineup of micro-sized model kits comes from the ultra-popular Muv-Luv Alternative, the SHIRANUI STORM & STRIKE VANGUARD VER.!  Previously released as a Fine Scale Model Kit, the incredible Shiranui variant with its improved design, color palette, and arsenal of weapons is now shrunk down to a cute miniature version that can be displayed anywhere.  The super-deformed style model kit is made up of 100 pre-colored parts (in its distinctive blue and gray color scheme) with easy snap-fit assembly, so you don’t need glue or paint! The Storm & Strike Vanguard Shiranui comes equipped with a variety of close and long-ranged weapons as well as shields, and interchangeable hands let the little robot carry them into battle in the configuration you choose.  Standing 3 ½ inches tall, the Shiranui is highly poseable with multiple points of articulation. Display the Storm & Strike Vanguard version on its own or alongside other Muv-Luv D-Style model kits!

Credit: Kotobukiya

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