MSG Weapons Unit 07 Twin Link Magnum


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Modeling Support Goods

Here's some heavy weaponry for your favorite Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, or sci-fi or robot models! You can combine the two types of handguns into a basic twin-link magnum; two types of muzzle parts are available. The A type and B type handguns each have removable magazines, and you can use the included combat knife as a bayonet with the B type if the rail parts are used. (The combat knife can also be used by Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girls.) The grip is movable and its angle can be adjusted; the length can be adjusted as well. Molded in light and dark gray; just assemble it and you'll have a great go-to gun for just about any situation!

  • [Size]: Approximately 11cm long when assembled
  • [Materials]: PS


  • Handgun type A
  • Handgun type B
  • Magazine (x2)
  • Muzzle part A for twin-link form
  • Muzzle part B for twin-link form
  • Rail parts
  • Combat knife
  • Short grip parts A
  • Short grip parts B