Mr Crystal Color Line 18mL

GSI Creos

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GSI Creos

Available Colors:

  • XC01 Diamond Silver
  • XC02 Topaz Gold
  • XC03 Ruby Red
  • XC04 Amethyst Purple
  • XC05 Sapphire Blue
  • XC06 Tourmaline Green
  • XC07 Turquoise Green
  • XC08 Moonstone Pearl

Laquer based acrylic paint. Best if thinned using Mr. Color based thinners.

Mr.Crystal Color can offer a totally different dimension of metallic sense from existing pearl paint or metallic paint.
The pearl color shows up in different shades depending on whether the base color is black or white.
Moreover, when clear paint is used for over coating, an extra special metallic texture can be achieved.

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