MKC-02 Chrome Silver Marker "Fine"


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Self Leveling & Fine Grid: Differs from Traditional fiber tips, DSPIAE chrome silver markers' plastic tips apply more fluently with smoother coat and finger grits. Further enhanced with self-leveling formula, even beginners are able to achieve mirror like smooth finish.

Three Tip Sizes Available: DSPIAE chrome silver markers are fitted with extra fine 1.0mm (XF), fine 1.5mm (F), and Broad 2.5mm (B) tips to meet different demands.

Environmentally Friendly Formula, We Care about your health: Bearing in mind the user's health, this product is CE-RoHS certified, with the content of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and so on much lower than the standard value.

Shake well before first use, push the tip back several times to let trapped air escape from inside.

  • 1) Clean surface thoroughly before application (final result depends on surface smoothness)
  • 2) Paint with marker when needed: Keep consistent light strokes in same direction, do not cross painting.
  • 3) Wait for about 10 seconds after each saturated application to let paint flow evenly. DO NOT touch the paint. It takes 12 hours for paint to dry completely. Water based clear varnish is recommended for protective coating.

Advanced Usage: Pour the paint inside the marker into color cup of an airbrush to obtain best available result. set airbrush trigger to minimum travel of constant spray, keep a distance of about 10-12cm from parts, spread evenly for 1-2 coats. Too much or heavy coating will result in a dull finish.