MG 1:100 Gundam Base Limited Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility


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Bandai Namco


Master Grade


MS Gundam Unicorn

This product is limited to Gundam base. Perfectibility appeared from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC". The body part is white, and each psycho frame part uses a resin material that emits UV light and is reproduced in clear blue. The form of both Unicorn mode and Destroy mode can be reproduced by replacing some parts. In addition with a Beam Magnum, Hyper Bazooka, Hyper Beam Javelin, Armed Armor BS, VN, XC, DE, etc. features such as armed units and extension units are included. An arm that suspends the armed Armor DE2 machine of the backpack is reproduced with a new part. Includes original marking sticker.