Mega Cat Project: MSG Zeon Forces

Mega House

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MS Gundam 0079

Mega House brings the Zeon Principality Army from "Mobile Suit Gundam" to their "MEGA CAT PROJECT" figure lineup, in which all the characters become adorable cats! Each one of these figures is insanely cute; they're small enough to tuck into your pocket and take with you everywhere, and each one comes with a character sheet. Even Char's custom Zaku is along for the fun! There are eight different characters enclosed into a single BLIND BOX.

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 3cm tall

[Set Contents]:

  • Char Aznable
  • Garma Zabi
  • Ramba Ral
  • Claure Hamon
  • Dozle Zabi
  • Giren Zabi
  • Lala Sun
  • Char's Zaku

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