Ma.K 1:20 Ghost Knight


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Maschinen Krieger

The Ghost Knight is a performance-enhanced version of the MK44H type White Knight heavy armored battle suit for the moon. It's equipped with an additional armor plate on the head and a long-barreled smart gun with a barrel cover, as well as the MK44B Hammer Knight fuselage radar bulge and an added discharger for chaff and flares. In addition, verniers have been added to the inside of the heels of its feet, to increase stability. The kit is molded in green-gray, and a card with paint schemes is included too, as are decals for four versions. Hiroshi Yokoyama himself provided the package illustration!

  • [Size]: 13.9cm tall, 11.3cm wide when completed
  • [Includes]: Decals for 4 versions

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