LM10-4000 Liquid Model Rubbing Compound


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Imported Raw Material | Effective and Stable | Paint Coating Friendly | Safe and Non-Toxic

Imported Abrasive with Various Grits
Imported alumina abrasive with superior grinding efficiency.
Available in 4 incremental grits for quick polishing work
Ideal to work with our portable electric grinder and polishing tool set.

Stable and Effective
Chemically stable and corrosion free, no deterioration.
Mirror Polishing can be achieved.
Ideal for complex curved surfaces

High Degreasing Capability with Non-Toxic formula
Effectively removes grease and residues from parts.
User friendly. Harmless to human body and environment.

Instruction For Use

  1. Use polishing cloth to wipe part surface thoroughly.
  2. Squeeze small amount of polishing compound onto the sponge polishing head or cloth. (Too much compound can cause spill when using electric motor grinder)
  3. Spread an even layer of compound on the surface to be polished.
  4. Start Polishing (When using cloth, please keep circular movement in either clockwise or counter-clockwise direction all the way)
  5. Repeat step 2-4 until ideal result is achieved, wipe part surface clean.
  6. For extra fine result, repeat step 2-5 using incremental grits of compound.