Hexa Gear 1:24 Windfall


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Hexa Gear

Hexa Gear is a lineup of items from Kotobukiya featuring transformable battle mecha! It features the amazing Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) hexagonal joint system, with a 3mm support pipe hole. Thus, weapons from Frame Arms and Heavy Weapons units can be used with Hexa Gear mechs! The Hexa Gear can also be ridden by their pilots, known as "Governors," sold separately.

The Windfall is a third generation Hexa Gear developed from the wreckage of unidentified flying Hexa Gear discovered after battles near the crystal furnace. Most of this debris was badly damaged, but it was determined that the mech had a dragon-like form. This Hexa Gear is hoped to bring an aerial advantage to the Liberty Alliance!

The Windfall features camera eyes with opening/closing shutters, two types of facial expressions, and a small cockpit droid. The armored windshield is molded in clear plastic with realistic texture, and the neck is very flexible thanks to a pipe inside the frame. The wings can flap, extend the claw on the front of the main thruster, and be displayed in either its landing posture or in flight. Order this mighty mech for your own collection today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 27.5cm long when assembled
  • [Materials]: PS, PE, ABS, PVC


  • Exceed Plasma Cannon
  • Blast Charge
  • Plasma talon
  • Gravity controller

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