Guilty Princess: Maidroid Kuon

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Guilty Princess

Maidroid Kuon joins the "Guilty Princess" action figure-kit lineup from Max Factory! She's based on designs by Tony, so you know she's cute! The kit snaps together for easy assembly; she comes with three face plates -- a grin, a calm face and a masked face. A blank face plate and eye decals are also included. She's armed with two ninja blades, two kunoichi blades, two kama blades and the whirlwind shuriken Kamaitachi Zero; any of the weapons can be attached to the Ribbon Type Blade Unit Otsu-shiki at her waist. Her broomstick weapon, the Broom Striker, is also included, along with the blade attachment Kusakirimaru and two kunai. Her hands are made with flexible PVC, and she comes with an articulated stand for all kinds of action poses! On top of all this, she's also an adorable cat girl! You'll love her!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 16cm tall when completed


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