Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame Kampfer & NT-1 Alex FA Equipment Set


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G Frame

Great news for Gundam fans -- Bandai has renewed its "Gundam G Frame" series, with figures that are completed by attaching armor to a posable frame! The upper arms and thighs of the frame have been improved, and it's evolved into a full-armor (FA - "full armor") specification too. The high-end series "Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame EX" series, with its large and heavily armed mobile suits made in a high degree of detail, has also been renewed as the "Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA EX" series!

The first entry is the Kampfer that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket," packaged together with a set of Chobam Armor for the Gundam NT-1 Alex (sold separately as part of the Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame FA 01 lineup), as well as head antenna parts that were broken during the battle seen in the anime! A piece of soda-flavored gum is included too. Order yours today!

[Figure Size]: Approximately 11cm x 7cm
[Materials]: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]:
Gundam NT-1 Alex Chabam Armor Set

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