Kotobukiya 1:60 ARX-8 Laevatein


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Full Metal Panic

A plastic model kit based on the ultra-popular Full Metal Panic! series.  The next evolution in the ARX series specifically designed for Sergeant Sousuke’s fighting style is the ARX-8 LAEVATEIN!  Built with direct combat in mind and equipped with an upgraded power plant, enhanced musculature, and heightened mobility, the Laevatein is unique with substantial armament and two additional tiny arms to wield even more weapons.  The model kit, designed and constructed under the supervision of famed mecha creator Kanetake Ebikawa, is a perfect miniaturized representation of the iconic robot with the familiar humanoid shape and its bold red and white color scheme with brilliant gold highlights.  The powerful Mithril AS is equipped with an extensive arsenal including its signature “Fairy’s Feather” Lambda Drive canceller.  The distinctive cooling fibers that protrude from the back of its head are rendered in translucent PVC, its GRAW-4 Monomolecular Cutter can be stowed, equipped to its knees, or held in its hands, and the 165mm multi-purpose Demolition Howitzer can be folded up and stowed as well.  Comprised of 350 pieces, the ARX-8 stands just over 6 inches tall (1/60 scale), and features multiple points of articulation, swap-out weapons, and interchangeable hands for the creation of various battle poses.  Its abundant weapon stock, numerous special features, and extreme level of detail make this one Full Metal Panic! model kit you won’t want to miss!

Credit: Kotobukiya