FS-S01 Flexible Sanding Board Set 180-800 Grit


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Suits all Curvatures | Replaceable Abrasive Layer
Soft and Flexible | Tightly Follows the Contour | Highly Effective | Even Force Distribution

Tightly Follows the Contour
Extra grip and traction of the sanding pad enhances the overall control. You may find it follows each and every contour effortlessly instead of pressing it down sorely.
Even Sanding
Pressure is evenly distributed over the complete surface that eliminates flat spots or dents commonly seen on traditional sanding surfaces
Tough yet Flexible
Jelly like PU construction with extra flexibility, can be used for relaxation. (may not withstand a deliberate overstretch.
No Adhesives Required.
Various grits applicable upon demands without using adhesives. (cor compatible products only) The tiny tabs design allows easy peel off and replacements.

Packing Details

  • FS-S01
    • Flexible Sanding Pad Set x5
    • Sandpaper Grit 180 x6
    • Sandpaper Grit 280 x6
    • Sandpaper Grit 400 x6
    • Sandpaper Grit 600 x6
    • Sandpaper Grit 800 x6