Front Mission Structure Arts Vol.3

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Square Enix


Front Mission

Square Enix's "Front Mission Structure Arts" lineup now expands to include four more 1/72-scale mecha: the Type 90, Vizaf, Gust and Grille Sechs! These futuristic war machines adapt perfectly to any future-military diorama in the same scale; their torsos, arms, lower bodies, backpacks and hand-held armaments are all interchangeable so you can create your own custom fighting machine. Four hard points on their shoulders and lower arms make it easy to swap weaponry, shields and more. Utility parts are also included. You can build them as they are and paint them as you like, or you can customize them to your heart's content.

Type 90 -- A highly durable general-purpose mech that was operated in various situations until the latter half of the Second Huffman Conflict.

  • [Size]: Approximately 8.4cm high, 7.2cm wide, 4cm deep
  • [Number of parts]: 118
  • [Accessories]: Extra head, rifle, machine gun, shotgun, gatling gun, grenade launcher, turbo backpack, utility parts set

Gust -- This mech's low durability was offset by its high maneuverability; it's mainly used for gun battles.

  • [Size]: Approximately 7.6cm high, 6.7cm wide, 5cm deep
  • [Number of parts]: 122
  • [Accessories]: Extra head, extra chest parts, extra shoulder armor, quick-firing gun parts (x2), machine gun, shotgun, item backpack, utility parts set

Vizaf -- Made in the Republic of Zaftra, equipped with a high-power engine and highly durable.

  • [Size]: Approximately 9cm high, 7.3cm wide, 4.9cm deep
  • [Number of parts]: 123
  • [Accessories]: Extra head, machine gun, shield, bazooka, grenade launcher, rod, turbo backpack, utility parts set

Grille Sechs -- a mech with high shooting accuracy and light mobility.

  • [Size]: Approximately 9.6cm high, 7cm wide, 4.5cm deep
  • [Number of parts]: 119
  • [Accessories]: Extra head, rifle, machine gun, shotgun, rod, missile launcher, backpack, utility parts set