Frame Arms Girl Innocentia Racer & Noseru Racing Specs Ver.


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Frame Arms Girl

A brand new combination of Frame Arms Girl Innocentia and Noseru are here sporting some fresh racing-themed colors! 

About Innocentia:

  • Three types of pre-printed face parts are included
  • Interchangeable 'standard bangs' and 'jointed bangs' are included for the front of the hair. Users can select standard short hair or 'twin tails' for the back hair parts.
  • In addition, this kit includes a range of ears to choose from, including cat ears, mecha cat ears, mecha fox ears, two types of mecha dog ears, and mecha accessories.
  • In addition to the included Frame Arms Girl Materia's leg and arm parts, bare arm and leg parts are included.
  • Innocentia's neck ruffles can be equipped with or without armor.
  • Two types of back parts are included ('three-hole mount type' and 'one-hole mount type').
  • By combining the swinging movement of the waist joint and the sliding movement of the hip joint, a wide range of motion can be achieved, including sitting with knees bent.
  • The model kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts in skin tone and dark gray (the parts are the same for each color).
  • The hand parts, including the joints, are compatible with the other hand parts within the Frame Arms Girl series.
  • The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.

  • [Size]: Approximately 15cm
  • [Materials]: PS, PE, ABS, POM, PVC

Credit: Kotobukiya

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