Figure-Rise LABO Auska Langley


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Bandai Namco


Neon Genesis Evangelion

In a collaboration with Alter, Bandai adds Shikinami Asuka Langley from "Evangelion:  2.0 You Can (Not) Advance" to their Figure-rise LABO figure kit series! Asuka wears the test plug suit for the EVA Unit 3 boarding test; Bandai applies the newest molding technologies to this kit to accurately express the transparent parts of her suit coming into close contact with her skin. The clear orange parts of her suit are reproduced by specially molded parts that vary in thickness from 3mm to an ultra-fine 0.3mm! Her eyes are created via a special process, too, for an extra touch of reality. The parts of this kit were processed in consideration of the properties and textures of the various materials in her suit, to accurately show their intricate overlapping. A base is included -- order her for your own collection today!


  • Display base
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