AT-VHDS General Purpose Chuck Hand Drill Set

AT-VHDS General Purpose Chuck Hand Drill Set


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1. It can be equipped with drills with a shank diameter of 0.2-3.2mm, and the three-jaw fixing is more stable.

2. There is a non-slip thread design, which can avoid the inability to turn the knob due to hand slippage and other reasons.

3. Bearing connection design, you can enjoy silky suppleness during drilling process.

4. The drill bit is made of tungsten steel. The drill bit has a large chip removal space and low resistance. The drill bit has a super cutting ability, which can effectively improve the quality of the hole wall.

5. DSPIAE's high-efficiency precision hand drill can effectively meet the needs of various types of drilling holes.

6. Special storage box, convenient storage and double protection. Matte texture, feel comfortable.

Package includes: 

  • Hand Drill
  • 10 Drill Bits
  • Case