Front Mission Stucture Arts 1:72 Scale Model Kit

Square Enix

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Square Enix


Front Mission

Square Enix brings us a set of four model kits of the mighty fighting mecha that appeared in "Front Mission"! These Structure Arts model kits are in 1/72-scale, making them perfect for dioramas. Each one features four hard points on its shoulders and lower arms for attachment of armaments and shields; utility parts are also included so they can carry separate weapons. They're molded in color, so you can assemble and display them as they are or paint them to your liking; you can also combine their parts to create your own original fighting machine! Order yours today!


  • Size: approximately 8.5cm x 7.1cm x 6.2cm
  • Total parts: 126
  • Includes: extra head, rifle, shotgun, machine gun, knuckle (x2), turbo backpack, utility parts


  • Size: approximately 10.7cm x 7cm x 5.1cm
  • Total parts: 129
  • Includes: extra head, machine gun (x2), shotgun, shield, repair backpack, utility parts


  • Size: approximately 8.7cm x 7.3cm x 4.7cm
  • Total parts: 132
  • Includes: extra head, bazooka, machine gun, missile launcher, backpack, utility parts


  • Size: approximately 8.1cm x 7cm x 5.2cm
  • Total parts: 134
  • Includes: extra face parts (x2), knuckle (x2), rod (x2), machine gun, shoulder armed grenade launcher, shoulder armed Gatling gun, turbo backpack, utility parts

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