1:35 Mechatro Chubu 01 No.01 Light Green & Green


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Mechatro WeGo

Copyright MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi
Height: approx 97.5mm.
Full width: approx 46.5mm.

-Origin of the mechatronics series [tube 1]!

-The origin of Mr. Kazufumi Kobayashi, a modeler who continues to transmit various original robots including the popular robot [Mechatro Wego].
-The original model announced in 2006 as [Tube No. 1] has been updated and made into a plastic model on 1/35 scale!

-[Light green] & [Green] 2-body set
-No need for adhesive with 4 color parts.
-Even beginners of plastic models can easily assemble.
-It is possible to move various joints and take various poses.
-Includes a tow truck that can be turned into a box. Mechatro Wego can also be transported.
-Includes the original female driver figure of Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura. (Use adhesive to assemble the figure)
-Box master is in charge of the master Shin Ueda!

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