20 Mechatro WeGo Eva Collab Series Vol.3 `Unit-08(Power Arm)` + Mari Makinami Illustrious


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Neon Genesis Evangelion

20 Mechatro Wego Evangelion Collaboration Series Vol.3 `Unit-08(Power Arm)` + Mari Makinami Illustrious

Copyright MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi
Copyright khara

--Mechatronics Wego x Evangelion, the third miracle collaboration!
――It is a gorgeous content that Mari with `Hachigouki` color mechatronics Wego Pawaarm (plastic model) and Mr. Arai Keiichi who is in charge of package illustration is set as a figure (resin kit)!

[Kit contents]
―― 20 Mechatronics Wego Power Arm `Hachigouki` Color (Adhesive-free plastic model)
--Makinami Mari Illustrious (resin kit)
* Instant adhesive is required to assemble the kit.


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