MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 20 - Dragon Arms (Agito)


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Modeling Support Goods

This unique heavy weapon set was designed by Naohiro Kajio! It features 3mm and 5mm ports so it can be used with Frame Arms and Hexa Gear items. The Dragon Cannon form can be displayed in active and stored forms and features a variety of grips; the twin bladed Soryu Sword features a lead wire at the bottom of the grip, and the Shield Fang features removable parts and grips. Combine the entire unit with the Heavy Weapon Unit 21 (sold separately) to create the dramatic Drago Mode! 

[Size]: Approximately 19cm long in Dragon Cannon mode
[Materials]: PS, PE, PVC
[Set Contents]:

Dragon Cannon
Grip for Dragon Cannon (stored)
Grip for Dragon Cannon (in use)
Fore grip for Dragon Cannon
Soryu Sword (x2)
Shield Fang
Frame parts A (x2)
Frame parts B
Frame parts C
Frame base
Hexagram PC (1 set)