Super Robot Wars OG S.R.D-S Dygenguar


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Super Robot Wars

Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit series featuring various Mecha rearranged into stylized miniature versions allowing you to collect your favorite robots in a high-quality compact scale with solid construction and an unbeatable price. Joining the fun series is another popular robot from Super Robot Wars CC Original GenerationsDYGENGUAR! The Dynamic General Guardian unit is a fierce fighting robot with devastating melee capabilities and a unique appearance reminiscent of a samurai. This version of Dygenguar replicates the robot’s cool elements in miniature, with its traditionally inspired armor, circular shoulder cannons, spikes, and of course its distinctive head with stoic faceplate and large horns. The D-Style model kit consists of over 300 pre-colored snap-fit assembly parts that require no painting. Dygenguar stands 6 inches tall and has multiple points of articulation for a wide range of posing options. It even comes with four different hands, two swords, and two different facial expressions so you can customize your display! Dygenguar is a great addition to your Super Robot Wars collection.