Maruttoys 1:12 Tamotu Motorism Collaboration Light Blue Ver


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In the year 2064 A.D., the advanced company Atarasy released their latest maintenance robot, Tamotu! Tamotu was developed in collaboration with Mechatronics Chubu, the makers of the Mechatro WeGo robot, to maintain the environment of the city, and it's equipped with various options for hard points and arms, making it highly versatile and able to handle various tasks such as transportation of goods, infrastructure maintenance, and cleaning. Normally, it runs freely with tires similar to casters, and when working or when confronted with stairs, it transforms into its "work mode" with its legs and arms deployed.

This model kit from Kotobukiya allows you to assemble Tamotu in your choice of colors -- it's molded in light blue, cream color, light gray and clear plastic. Equipped with 25 points of articulation, it'll be fully posable after assembly. Its internal frame is fully reproduced, and all exterior panels can be removed. You can transform it from normal mode to work mode, and it's equipped with 3mm ports at 13 areas of its body; the ports can be used to customize it with parts from M.S.G., Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl and HexaGear items! A special waterslide decal with the newly designed logo of the Mechatronics Chubu corporation is included as well.

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