Hexa Gear 1:24 Governor Queen's Guard


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Hexa Gear

Gear up your "Hexa Gear" collection for the newest Governor from the series - Queen's Guard! The parts other than the wrist are completely newly designed. A hybrid model incorporating joint structures from other models, such as WARMAGE, with a hip joint that can hold larger weapons, neck joints that can articulate front and back, and axial joint structures of the ankle are all featured. The 'Criminal Buster' can be folded in the center and includes a telescoping feature at the base that can act as a pile bunker. It can also divide at the center, allowing you to disconnect the parts.

  • [Size]: Approximately 26.3cm long when assembled
  • [Materials]: PS, ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]:

  • Queen's Guard x1
  • Helmet Decoration A (large) x1
  • Helmet Decoration B (small) x1
  • 3 types of Wrists (left and right) x1
  • Criminal Buster x1
  • Round Shield x1
  • Shotgun x1
  • Universal Arm x1
  • Shield Mount Attachment x2
  • PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1
  • Archive card x1


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