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Modeling Support Goods

What a great idea! Kotobukiya has developed an amazing item to assist in brush painting -- the finger palette! It helps experienced brush painters to work in greater comfort, and beginners can learn the characteristics of paints and how to more effectively use brush strokes. A "color pocket" allows you to place a dab of paint within easy reach; by using only a small amount of paint, the concentration of color is maintained, and the paint is less likely to spill due to surface tension. A series of three slits in the surface assist you in arranging the brush bristles into a point after loading them with paint -- important in painting fine-scaled items! A trial space is included to make adjustments to the brush point size. A holder is included to attach absorbent material such as tissue paper, so you can adjust the amount of water your brush retains. It's made of silicone to fit your fingers softly, and the white color helps you check the color of the paint. Cleanup is fast and easy -- simply apply tape over the painted-over areas and peel it off! Get this groundbreaking tool for your own workbench today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 2.7cm
  • [Materials]: Silicone


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