Zoids HMM 1:72 RZ-013 Buster Tortoise


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The variant model of the popular Cannon Tortoise, Buster Tortoise, has entered the battlefield in the HMM series!

Similar to Cannon Tortoise, an extra level of detail is added to this voluminous kit and its large 720mm Beam Cannon on its back is sure to please Zoids fans. Despite its small size, a multitude of weapons and parts can be equipped and adjusted on this model. This model comes with adjustable legs and an aquatic mode transformation, an HMM-original mode.
As is with the Recoil Control Spike on the Cannon Tortoise’s tail, the Buster Tortoise is equipped with Shock Absorbers that control the recoil caused by its large cannons. You can also open and close the body-side hatch where the Zoid Core is stored.

(This item is a reproduction).

Credit: Kotobukiya