Zoids HMM 1:35 Wild Liger Guren Ver


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Zoids Wild

"Wild Liger Guren Ver," which exposes more fighting spirit, is now available in the HMM Zoids series!

Excellent action characteristics by moving each part unique to non-powered model, snap fit that can be assembled without using adhesive, multi-color molding that reproduces the color scheme as much as possible, and further follows the HMM series format such as gimmick with built-in Zoid core.

Not only the rider, but also the Zoid Wild hero Arashi figure is included for boarding.
A purple flame attached to Liger's left eye and a porcupine head with her left eye and hair wrapped in purple flame are included, allowing you to reproduce the "runaway state" together!
In addition, as a bonus part, the parts with nails, fangs and Tatega Micro are gold plated.

Please add the Red Lion Zoids that express Liger's fierce fighting spirit to your lineup!