Hexa Gear 1:24 Early Governor Vol.6


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Hexa Gear

Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Model Specifications:
■ 5 newly designed head parts are included. Various types of helmets are included such as the EARLY GOVERNOR Vol.1’s “Stahlhelm” and “Pilot Type (With/Without Visor).” This Governor can be displayed with a cap with/without a headset to show her time away from the field. Users can display this item in various combinations depending on the assembly.

*The eyes are not pre-painted so users will need to paint them in themselves.

■ The ankle parts use the same side-roll joints as Early Governor Vol.1 to allow for a wide range of action poses.

■ 3 sets of newly sculpted hand parts are included with the 4 sets of hand parts from Early Governor Vol.3 so users can recreate a wide variety of poses.

■ A backpack, laptop terminal, and medical gun are included as optional parts. Display this model with HEXA GEAR BLOCK BASE 01 DX HEAD QUARTERS to create various realistic scenarios.

Included Items:
■ Early Governor Vol.6 Model x1 set
■ 5 Types of Head Parts x1 set
■ PVC Hand Parts x7 sets
■ Medical Gun x1
■ Laptop Terminal x1
■ Backpack x1

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