Hexa Gear 1:24 Governor Para-Pawn LAT Mirror Ver.1.5


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Hexa Gear

--A special mission parapawn with an appearance that closely resembles the human body, manufactured for the Liberty Alliance and infiltration work into human society.
-Since pseudo biological parts are used on the body surface, it is almost impossible to identify by superficial observation.
--There are innumerable types such as `gender` appearance` according to the infiltration destination, but there are also multiple types that assume replacement.
-The aircraft that has completed the mission will engage in a new mission after the appearance is reset.
--Individual consciousness / memory is downloaded from the information body of the generator shaft, and it is stored in the built-in storage medium.
-No special armament is set, and you can master multiple armor types and weapons like the human body.

[Weapon installed]
・ Lightweight blade
・ Gun knife
・ Reception repeater

[Product specifications]
--Governor Parapawn LAT Mirror reappears as Ver1.5 with changed head shaping and molding material.

--Change 1
Changed head modeling to more realistic modeling (based on Early Governor Vol.3) than [Old Ver.]. The presence or absence of head equipment is newly modeled, and even a rabbit mask wearing type is included.
The hair part is painted, so you can enjoy 3 types of head designs in total.

--Change 2
The upper body armor, which was molded from PVC material, has been changed to PS material, making it easier to paint and modify. (Wrists will continue to be PVC material)

--Change 3
Weapon holders have been modified to make it easier for other governors to arm themselves.

--Change 4
-Along with the material change, the design of the parts has been partially changed, and the new design has made the mold new.
-The armor on the collar has been changed to a design that is wider than the old version so as not to interfere with the range of movement of the neck.
-The shapes of [Lightweight Blade] and [Gun Knife] have been modified to match the newly modeled weapon holder. * There is no change in the shape of the type in which the weapon is integrated with the wrist.

--The backpack is equipped with a `connector` as standard equipment to which the [Hexagram system] can be attached, so you can enjoy it by attaching various parts.

・ Head A (deception repeater type) x 1
・ Head B (rabbit mask wearing type) x 1
・ Head C (real face type) x 1
・ Rabbit mask x 1
・ Lightweight blade x 1
・ Gun knife x 2
・ Wrist parts left and right (lightweight blade holding, gun knife holding, flat hand left and right, weapon holding (new), grip hand)
・ PVC hexagram x 1

--Design: Keita Misono, Yudai Itoyama

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