HoiHoi-San Heavy Arms Ver. New Edition


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HoiHoi San

Cute and armed heavy equipment! With the renewal specifications unchanged, the adorable insect-killer [Hoi Hoi-San] reappears in a [Heavy Battle Ver.]!
Product specifications]
 - Overall height is about 125 mm. Very cute 1/1 scale.
 - The kit runner is molded in 6 colors. In addition, a total of 11 parts such as face parts and pupil parts are already painted, so you can enjoy the finish close to the image of the setting just by assembling it.
 - You can change the line of sight of Hoi Hoi by replacing the 3 types of painted eye parts (3 types: front facing, right facing, left facing).
 - Full action model specification with movable joints throughout the body.
 - For painters, it comes with water transfer decals, including the eyes and apron logo.
Specifications added and changed in [Heavy Battle Ver.]
 - Changed the color of Hoi Hoi's clothes from the regular version [white x black] to a cute [pink x white] designed by the original author, Kunihiko Tanaka. The color of the eyes is also changed to green.
 - The apron logo is a new design for [Heavy Battle Ver.]. The large logo mark is reproduced by tampo printing.
 - [Braided hair parts] is newly included. Normal long hair and selection formula.
 - Added two new face parts (cheerful [laughing face] and disappointing [disgusting face]). You can produce a variety of facial expressions by combining with 3 types of eye parts.
 - As a new armament, [Heavy machine gun] [Hui Hoyton Kachi] [Mushi killing (1 shobo)] is attached.
 - Includes [New Flying Base Connection Attachment Parts].
 * Additional parts of [Heavy Battle Ver.] Can be basically enjoyed by combining with [Hoihoi NEW EDITION], but [laughing face] parts can be combined with [Hoihoi NEW EDITION] eye parts. , Only the pink color in the mouth cannot be reproduced.
 ・ Hoi Hoi body
 ・ Face parts (normal face, laughing face, disgust face)
 ・ Eye parts (front facing, right facing, left facing)
 ・ Hand parts (grip hand <left and right>, weapon holding hand <right and left>)
 ・ Braid hair parts
 ・ Heavy machine gun
 ・ Hoi Hoi Tong
 ・ Mushi killing (1 shobo)
 ・ Attachment parts for connecting New Flying Base