Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr = Rufus Agito


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Frame Arms Girl

The latest model to join the Frame Arms Girl spin-off series based on Kotobukiya’s original Frame Arms robot series is HRESVELGR=RUFUS <AGITO>!

Frame Arms mech designed by Tomotake Kinoshita was converted into the adorable HRESVELGR=RUFUS in the Frame Arms Girl bikini armor form by E-ji Komatsu. This model is a collaborative kit with HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 20 DRAGON ARMS <AGITO> created by famous mecha designer Naohiro Washio.

Product Specifications:

・HRESVELGR=RUFUS (bikini armor parts) and DRAGON ARMS <AGITO> mecha parts come in a metallic red color variant.

・Combine various parts to transform your model kit into a new configuration.

・Combine DRAGON ARMS <AGITO> with separately sold HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 21 DRAGON ARMS <RYUUBI> to transform the DRAGON ARMS <AGITO> into Drago Mode.

・The frame for the Drago Mode torso utilizes the HEXA G-R.A.M. system from the Hexa Gear series, making it compatible with a variety of parts.

・The Dragon Cannon comes with different grip parts for when the cannon is stowed and when it is equipped for battle, and it is possible to attach the cannon to various locations on the model. A foregrip part is also included to have a model hold the cannon in both hands. The gun barrel can be folded to be stown away.

・The Twin Blades come with a knives and wire part that can be attached to the base for a variety of customization options.

・The Dragon cannon can be attached to the Shield Fang part. The Shield Fang also comes with a moveable grip that can be used to create a completely new model weapon!

・The kit comes with three types of pre-printed face parts: default/facing forward, default looking to the right, and smiling to the left. One face part with no pre-printed tampo is also included.

・Two armament blades are included.

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