Hexa Gear 1:24 Governor Knight [Nero]


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Hexa Gear

Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Product Specifications:
■ Attach the Large Cannon with Large Sword included in GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: KNIGHT【BIANCO】 (sold separately) for an even more enhanced Hexagear weapon.
■ The Large Cannon can be folded closed in the center.
■ The foregrip on the Large Cannon and Machine Gun included can be adjusted to make posing with the weapons easier. 3mm connecting joints are also available on select points of the weapons, allowing for the weapons to be connected to the Mount Arm.
■ Despite the model’s size of 82mm, it has 24 joints that can be moved.
■ This model uses GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: PAWN A1 Ver.1.5 as its base.
■ The Mount Arm uses a flexible joint part to give the mount more design options, and allows for various parts to be attached.
■ The back pack part and chest parts include 3mm connecting joints to attach the mount arm.
■ The head is pre-painted.
*This model kit uses the same dark color variations as previously released ROAD IMPULSE.

Included Parts:
■ Large Cannon x1
■ Machine Gun x1
■ Mount Arm x1
■ Forearm Hard Point Extender x1
■ 3mm Joint x1
■ Left and Right Wrist Parts (Closed, Open, Weapon Holding)
■ PVC HEXA G-R.A.M. x1
■ Archive Card x1

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