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Modeling Support Goods

A new Kotobukiya line allows you to dress up your character model kits!

After receiving numerous requests from our fans, the first entries in the new Dress Up Parts line of model kit accessories are cloaks that can be used with your character models! This cloak can be attached the front or back of your Frame Arms Girl and Megami Device kits. The cloak is made of plastic, allowing us to create details such wrinkles and a frayed hem that give it a bold and unique appearance. The cloak can also be painted or cut to create even more unique custom details. Compared to a cloth cloak, this plastic cloak provides endless customization possibilities that are sure to please experienced modelers. The kit can be combined with the separately sold Side Cloak to create a full cloak for your characters. The base cloak and sub cloak parts are connected with moveable joints, giving them the flexibility to accommodate a variety of models action poses.

*Due to the limitations of the construction, some exceptions apply.

[Model Specifications]

The surface of the cloak is coated with a matte finish, giving it a realistic texture.
The kit includes two scarf parts for the "base cloak" can be changed out to show the character's neckline or hide their mouth.
The "sub cloak parts" that can be connected to the front or back of the "base cloak" use the same flexible ball joints.
The kit includes four different "sub cloak parts" that include a left and right part of two different lengths. All of the parts use the same ball joint, allowing them to be attached to any part of the base cloak.
This kit was planned together with the separately sold "M.S.G. Dress Up Parts Side Cloak," and the sub cloak parts for both kits are interchangeable.
Crash Cloak can be combined with the Side Cloak to create a cloak that fully covers the model's body.

[Included Items]:

Base Cloak Part x1
Interchangeable Scarf for the Base Cloak x1
Sub Cloak Parts Short Ver. x2 (Left and Right)
Sub Cloak Parts Long Ver. x2 (Left and Right)