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Megami Device

Ayaka Ichijo, the confident tsundere girl from "Alice Gear Aegis," joins Kotobukiya's Megami Device line of snap-fit kits with a design by Fumikane Shimada!

Ayaka Ichijo has been built to be shorter in height than the previously released Sitara Kaneshiya to match the character's appearance in the game. Although the same height as the previously released Aika Aikawa model kit, the waist and shin are different in size to truly replicate the image of the character's body.

This model comes with an all new dual weapon, a new set of gear, and even bonus parts to create a cleaning robot!

As part of the Megami Device series, the model consists of the base "machineca" body designed by Masaki Apsy as well as a variety of unique armor and weapons. This model utilizes a new short version of the machineca to match the original character design, and is now the shortest design in the Megami Device series, in line with the height of Aika Aikawa.

[Model Kit Specifications]:

  • Includes a present code for use in the game
  • Includes three different pre-printed face parts
  • Includes a variety of gear parts and SP "Nobless Oblige", allowing users to recreate a variety of combat scenes
  • Can be constructed with Ayaka's signature gear in Armed Mode, or without armor and weapons in Unarmed Mode
  • Includes a variety of translucent effect parts, to recreate flying or shooting poses
  • A cleaning robot that appears on the game's home page is included. This cleaning robot can be displayed with other actresses in the Megami Device x Alice Gear Aegis series
  • The model is equipped with several 3mm connection points, making it compatible with existing M.S.G, Frame Arms, and Frame Arms Girl weapons and armor
  • Includes a variety of decals for the eyes and other markings