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Frame Arms

Designed by the world-renowned Japanese mechanical designer, Kunio Okawara, the latest model to join the Frame Arms series is SHINGEN!

This is the first Frame Arms model to have a characteristic emblem designed on its helmet and back and its scarlet, black, and gold color schemes make this model stand out even when displayed alone.

Model Specifications:
■ This is a completely brand-new Frame Arms sculpt designed by Kunio Okawara.
■ Unmasked Mode and Masked Mode can be recreated.
■ The model’s color scheme is recreated with colored plastic. The multi-colored plastic of the kits gives the model a striking appearance simply by assembling the model.
■ A short and long Japanese sword, a long rifle, and a short pistol are included.
■ The wings with the emblem that are secured with a backpack and the shoulder armor can be adjusted freely to create a variety of silhouettes.
■ The hand parts use swing joints. Gun-holding hand parts are included with “FA Hand 2.”
■ The kit includes decals for this model.
■ The model uses Frame Architect Renewal ver. for the robot’s frame. The Frame Architect is unassembled and made of PS plastic.
■ The hips of Frame Architect use joint parts that allow for more secure support.

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