Zoids HMM 1:35 Fang Tiger


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Zoids Wild

FANGTIGER joins Kotobukiya’s HMM Zoids lineup from the Zoids Wild series!
While this model is low in attack power, Wild Liger makes up for it with its impressive range of articulation and dynamic action poses. No adhesives are required to assemble this snap-fit model kit. Multicolored molds were used to recreate this model in all its original colors. Furthermore, FANGTIGER’s internal features were created under the HMM series format.
Bacon is of course included in this model kit and can be assembled to ride FANGTIGER. Two versions of Bacon’s head are included: the original head and one where his left eye and hair are covered in flames. Flames can also be attached to Tiger’s left eye and if users expand its Twinned Fangs, they can recreate FANGTIGER’s Wild Blast from the series.