Pla Act Option Series (09)


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Pla Act

Build endlessly customizable weapons! These items can be reconfigured into various shapes, large, medium and small, blades and guns alike. Just slide the parts onto the rail to combine and recombine them -- you'll enjoy coming up with your own unique creations!

These items are unpainted gray plastic; paint will be required to recreate the appearance as shown in the photos.

  • [Mold Color]: Gray
  • [Size]: Approximately 12.5cm long in blade form


  • Blade Parts A (x2)
  • Blade Parts B (x2)
  • Grip Parts A (x2)
  • Grip Parts B (x2)
  • Grip Parts C (x2)
  • Joint Parts A (x2)
  • Joint Parts B (x2)
  • Pin parts (x4)
  • L-shaped connecting parts (x4) 

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