MG 1:100 AMX-004 Qubeley


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Bandai Namco


Master Grade


MS Zeta Gundam

What a design! While the lineage is obvious it takes the Zeon style of design in a new direction. Well-armed with two beam sabers and 12 1.3MW funnel remote beam weapons plus impressive speed and maneuverability it is a fantastic answer to the newer Gundams arrayed against it.

Bandai has struck MG gold yet again with this kit. In typical MG fashion EVERYTHING moves. From the head to the individual finger joints to the 10 funnel systems, each can be individually posed and removed. The shoulder armor opens just like the prototype. Opening cockpit area. Of course, all parts are pre-colored and assembly is literally a snap. However, the appearance of the finished kit will be immeasurably improved by painting.

The 19-page instruction manual covers the design history of the AX-004 with line drawings. Color photos show painting details with paint mixing instructions. All text in Japanese.