HGUC 1:144 RGM-89J Jegan Normal Type (F91 Ver)


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Bandai Namco


High Grade


MS Gundam F91

P-Bandai exclusive model kit from the "Mobile Suit Gundam F91" line of mobile suits.

"The RGM-89J Jegan Normal Type is an upgraded version of the old RGM-89 Jegan that took over as the basic Jegan model by U.C. 110. It has increased generator output and its sensors as well as drive system have also been slightly tuned up. Although the stick-type control system has become the mainstream in the U.C. 120s, this machine continues to use the arm raker mechanism, and is considered to be the last MS to use this mechanism. Externally, it differs only slightly from the initial mass production type in its backpack, dedicated beam rifle, and shield."

Credit: Gundam Wiki