30MS SIS-A00 Tiasha [Color B]


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Bandai Namco


30 Minute Sisters

-An all-in-one item that includes a character body, three types of facial expressions, and armor parts.

--Smooth assembly is possible by arranging runner parts in pursuit of [optimum] with an awareness of ease of assembly and work leads.
--Tampo printing is used for the face parts. You can enjoy changing facial expressions according to the scene.
――Face parts / hairstyle parts / body parts are lined up for each part. You can create your own favorite sister by combining it with the separately sold parts.
――You can enjoy `customization` by installing various optional parts sold separately.
--Uses a shaft with a diameter of 3 mm common to the 30 MINUTES series. [30 MINUTES MISSIONS] parts can also be installed as an option. (* The target age of the [30 MINUTES MISSIONS] kit is 8 years old.)
-[30 MINUTES SISTERS] The official website has a [Customized Simulator] that allows you to imagine the actual recombination of plastic models.

・ Sword x 1
・ Shield x 1
・ Face parts x 3 types
・ Armor parts x 1 set
・ Hand parts Grip hands (left and right), weapon holders (left and right)

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