Macross 1:72 Sv-262Ba Draken III + LIildraken [Mirage Farina Custom]


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Bandai Namco



Mirage Farina Genius's Sv-262Ba Draken III from "Macross Delta" gets a new model kit from Bandai, equipped with the Lil Draken and a set of missile pods! This kit reproduces the Draken III's original colors for the film; the Lil Draken and missile pods also support three-stage transformation of the kit into its Fighter, Gerwalk and Battroid forms. A pilot figure of Mirage Farina Jenius is included, as are foil seals and decals.


  • Mirage Farina Jenius pilot figure
  • Lil Draken (x2)
  • Missile pods (x2)
  • Foil seals (x2)
  • Waterslide decals (x2)