HG 1:24 Sakura Wars Spiricle Striker Mugen [Anastasia Palma Type]


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Bandai Namco


High Grade


Sakura Wars

The Spiricle Striker Mugen as piloted by Anastasia Palmer from "New Sakura Wars" gets a brand-new HG kit from Bandai! Its limbs can expand and contract at the joints, to reproduce its deadly attack scene action. The cockpit hatch can be opened and closed, and a figure of Anastasia can be placed inside, water slide decals for her eyes have been included. A jewel sticker has been used to reproduce the lens of the camera eye. Order yours today!


  • Umbrella-type rifle
  • Handgun (x2)
  • Foil seals
  • Jewel seals
  • Waterslide decals


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