Gundam Base MG 1:100 F.A.Z.Z. Ver. Ka (Titanium Finish)


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Bandai Namco


Master Grade


MS Gundam ZZ

The massive FAZZ from the Gundam Sentinel makes its way to The Gundam Base Limited titanium finish GunPla lineup! The kit is presented with high quality titanium finishing, that adds some luxurious feel to the entire kit, especially on its white armor parts, while some parts are provided with metallic finish and injection. The kit is also provided with gold-plated parts for its originally yellow parts, including the v-fin.

The kit being under Katoki Hajime's supervision, surely offers variety of amazing details including great engineering to accommodate the heavy equipment when displayed in a free-standing pose. It secures extended range of motions to capture some dynamic presentation.

Missile pods installed in various armor parts are also provided with open-hatch system - also to enjoy some missile launch display presentation.

The kit will not be completed without its sheet of decals for detailing!