HGAC 1:144 Gundam Geminass 01


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Bandai Namco


High Grade


MS Gundam Wing

The G-UNIT “Jeminus”, which has unlimited malleability, has been launched! From "New Mobile Report Gundam W DUAL STORY G-UNIT", Gundam Geminus 01 has appeared in the latest HG format. The design has been refined by the original mechanical designer Akutsu. Under his complete supervision, it was made into a three-dimensional figure with completely new modeling. The characteristic replacement mechanism (linear lock bolt) has been reproduced. * Completely new modeling and HG latest format appeared, the sharp and heroic design newly drawn by Mr. Akutsu, the original mechanical designer of Gundam Geminus 01, has been three-dimensionalized with completely new modeling. The fine details and color coding of the details were reproduced by dividing the parts. -Head: More sophisticated and sharp modeling. -Backpack: Realized detailed details with a large amount of information. Furthermore, the vernier is movable. * Reproduce the characteristic weapons with new modeling. -Accelerate rifle: The side part is color-coded and reproduced with white molding color. -G unit shield: The front armor is color-coded and reproduced with white molding color. Furthermore, the arm connection parts have been made movable by ball joints. -Beam sword: The beam sword can be attached to and detached from the backpack. The beam effect was molded with pink clear parts. Attached armament: Accelerate rifle / G unit shield / Beam sword