Figure-rise LABO Fumina Hoshino


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Bandai Namco


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-Figure-rise LABO The first "Hoshino Fumina" has been improved by further improvement of molding technology and is now available!

● With the evolution of layered research, the beautiful gradation of redness and shadows on the skin is reproduced by the thickness of the molding color.
● The gate contacts are finely processed as a whole so that the cut out gate marks are not noticeable.
● The gate on the side has moved to a position where no trace can be seen after assembly.
● The molding color of the swimsuit has been changed to sporty dark blue. Pursuing a more realistic texture with a glossy molding expression like enamel.
-Comes with a clear exclusive pedestal that realistically reproduces the swaying water surface and splashes, and a mount that imaged a sandy beach.