Full Metal Panic 1:60 Falke Ver IV


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Bandai Namco


Full Metal Panic

The M9D Falke gets a new kit release based on the one used by the Urzu Team in episode 11 and 12 of "Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory"! The head, shoulders, and legs feature newly molded parts, and a new original weapon is included. The kit also comes with the M9D Falke's characteristic Monomolelular Cutter "Crimson Edge." It can also be equipped with the emergency deployment booster sold separately with the Arbalest Ver. IV.


  • Crimson Edge (x2)
  • Original weapon (x2)
  • Graz Mannlicher AWS2000
  • GRAW-2 Monomolecular Cutter
  • GEC-B 40mm Rifle
  • Foil sticker sheet