SD Legend BB Victory Daishogun


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A young general warrior who has the power of the strongest power.

Majutsu Birds are generals of "Seven Super Generalists".

Luxurious specifications used abundantly, long-awaited LEGENDBB conversion!

SD Gundam 30th anniversary! Limited card can get 2 cards!

Completely new modeling to reproduce light armor thoroughly!

Armor worn over the whole body, armed types are reproduced thoroughly by new shaping! It is also in the super general style that is in a state where armor is removed

Adopt new modeling parts, make it three-dimensional with LEGENDBB compliant quality by the strongest name of the past!

Utilizing diverse materials, super-gorgeous color-coded reproduction!

Adopted gold plating throughout the body such as helmet, placket, armor, wing, ankle, cannon etc!

Two blazing wings. Majestic clear wings, color-coded with two color clear parts. Super luxury glitter wings!

 Jewel prism seal! Phoenix jewel seal on the helmet and the giant rock of the shoulder.

The shoulder armor wing uses prism seals to reproduce luxurious armor!

Deformable to 2 different forms!

Taiho Lilian Phoenix, Maximus Phoenix and the Phoenix Fortress. Phoenix deformable in two forms.

Folding gimmick on helmet!

A folding gimmick is adopted for the neck of the characteristic helmet's phoenix.

Together with the recombination of the head, a silhouette tailored to the variant!

To the Demaki Hakki sword, you can install flash crystal. "BEAM CRYSTAL" of BB Fighter Seven Super Vice Series (sold separately)!

Super General, Buddha Ruo Phoenix, Garuda Phoenix also reproduces as set!

Super general style

Ultra-Shogun's form which is in a state where armor is removed can also be reproduced.

Silver plating is used for the flashing crystal of the forehead "Sun Beam Crystal".

True / Senlight Wing "Beam Wing Phoenix". The Phoenix Maru is reproduced with Clear Film.

Bird Luo Phoenix <Garuda · Phoenix> which transforms and becomes the armor of bird jumping birds is also reproduced.

Crystal Phoenix is transformed and gives powerful birds a mighty power.

- Now luxurious full-color package that used luxuriously written illustrations by Mr. Ishinori!

New comic world on the instruction manual!

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